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11YPR LIFE provides online obituary and memorial services, indexed for easy search. Our services are designed to offer a high-value alternative or supplement to traditional printed obituaries, while providing customized styling, full photo/video galleries, and no obituary character limits.


Supplemental Obituary Pages

Our supplemental obituary pages are an excellent way to enhance traditional printed obituaries, allowing you to provide more detailed information about your loved one's life. We understand that a printed obituary often has a character limit and may not provide enough space to share all the memories and accomplishments of your loved one. Our supplemental obituary pages provide an unlimited character count, so you can include as much or as little information as you want, and can be paired with a gallery and temporary announcements to cover all your bases.

Family Contact Options

Our family contact options provide channels for visitors, family and friends to leave a message or reach out appropriately during a difficult time. We understand that coordinating details and communicating with family members can be overwhelming, so we offer multiple contact options to ensure that details such as funeral arrangements are communicated clearly. You can choose to receive updates and messages directly to your own mobile device or email, and we can also forward to multiple family members to keep everyone up-to-date.

Memorial Galleries (Photo/Video)

Our memorial galleries provide a beautiful way to showcase your loved one's life through photos and videos. We understand that photos and videos are a powerful way to remember and celebrate your loved one's life, so we offer full photo and video galleries with multiple storage tiers available. You can upload as many photos and videos as you want, and we can even help you create a slideshow or video tribute.

Full-Service Custom Memorials

Our full-service custom memorials allow you to create a personalized tribute to your loved one that celebrates their unique life. We work closely with you to design a custom memorial that reflects your loved one's personality, interests, and passions. From custom color schemes to unique design elements, we can create a memorial that truly honors your loved one's life and legacy. This can include a dedicated domain name and live or email chat with site visitors. 

Zoom Arrangements Integration

Our Zoom arrangements integration allows you to connect with loved ones from anywhere in the world. Whether you're unable to attend the memorial in person or have family members who live far away, our Zoom integration ensures that everyone can participate in the memorial service. We can set up and manage a private Zoom meeting for your family and friends to attend, share memories, and support one another, as well as walking you through the technical details of streaming your memorial service to virtual attendees.

More Website Design Services

We also offer website design services for both personal and business websites. Whether you need a website to showcase your work or business, or to share your personal interests and hobbies, we can help you create a website that reflects your style and vision. From custom logo design to website hosting and maintenance, we provide a full range of website design services to ensure that your website is beautiful, functional, and easy to use. With our expertise and experience, we can help you create a website that truly represents you or your business. To learn more, please visit

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