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Trenton Sanko

I'm the designer you'll work with at 11YPR. Fueled by personal connection and fulfilling work, I'm always looking for ways to offer value in my services and deliver the best to my clients. My lifetime of knowledge and experience with tech and design is supplemented by continuing education and a constant finger on the pulse of emerging technologies.

In July of 2021, my father passed away unexpectedly after a serious accident at his residence. We found out the hard way that posting and printing obituaries with news outlets can be a financial burden, and free services online are often limited, inaccurate, or difficult to navigate. With my experience and background in website design, I took the opportunity to create a website in memorial of my dad - a place to communicate funeral arrangements, receive communications from friends and family, and share photos and memories with those who visit.

11YPR LIFE is a project intended to make beautiful memorial pages accessible to all. Fully indexed with Google Search Engine, anyone who searches can easily find your loved one's page and access any information you wish to make available. Visit our Services page for more details as to what we offer and what you can expect.

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